A faith-based volunteer group of second responder's, who bring hope to people in need.

Mission Statement of Hope’s on the Way

Be rooted in faith-filled love by doing what is right. —Ephesians 3:14-21 Psalm 33:1-2, 4, 5, 11-12, 18-19

We are a group of people conscious of our gifts, who are willing to give or share our talents, time, and treasure with those in need. The efforts of Hope’s on the Way has many dimensions, from second responders who have assisted in the rebuilding process in Louisiana and Alabama, to serving the needs locally within our own community.

Our broader vision has the following goals:

Projects Completed by Hope's on the Way:

IN LOUISIANA, 2005-2009:
57,600 man hours of labor were provided in Louisiana by 127 volunteers.
More than $800,000 in goods and services.

"Buckets of Hope" for Victims of Sandy

St. Rene vestibule and narthex: 270 man hours of labor by nine volunteers
St. Vincent De Paul Family Store: 400 man hours of labor provided by 50 volunteers
New Chapel at Our Lady of Peace Church: 224 hours of labor by 14 volunteers
Deacon Hill Hall: 1,700 hours of labor by 37 volunteers
Saint Francis De Paula Shelter: 80 hours of labor by 10 volunteers
Community Center for Saints Peter and Paul Parish: 2,250 hours of labor by 53 volunteers
Cardinal Stritch Retreat House painting rooms and restoration painting of Outdoor Stations and benches. 77 labor hours by 11 volunteers.
Zaccheus House: 256 hours of labor by 8 volunteers
Monica House for Women painting and electrical update July 2015. 140 hours of labor by 10 volunteers.
Emmaus Ministries Over 125 hours of labor by 8 volunteers.

Fosters, Alabama: 397 hours of labor by 9 volunteers, $15,000 in goods and services provided

"Buckets of Hope" for 2016 Victims of Louisiana Flooding

Our Board Members

  • Joseph Winblad, Chairman

    Deacon, a retired educator, practicing woodworker and tool enthusiast, interested in making a better world by helping where there is a need to improve the quality of life. As one called to serve rather than be served. I hope with the Lord's inspiration and help from the Hope's on the Way Board members that together we will fulfill the goals to serve both locally and wherever there is great need and to invite all who are willing to share their time, talent, and treasure with those in need.

  • Dan Troy

    Deacon, ordained in the class of 1984 of the Chicago Archdiocese. The principle that I believe a deacon should live by is that each of the Holy Orders has its own signature charisma is service. The bishop's signature charisma is to teach; the priest's is to stand in the place of Jesus at the liturgy; the deacon's is to serve. Each order shares in the charisma of the other two. But each must pay particular attention to his orders special calling. Hence, I am involved with Hope's on the Way as one way that I fulfill my calling to serve.
  • Chris Virruso, Sr.

    Deacon, ordained in 1986. 29 years of service to the Archdiocese of Chicago. I have seen misery in many different ways in the eyes and hearts of many people during these years. Experiencing loss in my own families life with two home fires that left us out of our home for over a year and a half. Because of some wonderful people who were able to pull things together, we were able to pull things together. In the same way I became part of Hopes On The Way to give back and help others to return to some normal way of life. After going to New Orleans and Alabama to do just that. I now serve as the Vice Chair to continue the great work and our ministry that Sal has started to continue were we are needed to,bring hope to many others.

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